Laura Garling

Owner and Pilates Instructor 

Laura Garling, owner of All Points Pilates, and Pilates instructor at the studio has been interested in an active lifestyle since she was a child.  She grew up swimming, dancing, running, playing tennis and hiking, and taught yoga on and off for years before becoming more focused on Pilates. In 2010, she became a BASI (Body Arts and Sciences) trained Pilates instructor. Laura is interested in the therapeutic benefits of Pilates, and values Pilates for the way it makes people feel better in their bodies.

Diane Wheatley

Pilates Instructor

I have been teaching movement for over 25 years (from the early days of the Jane Fonda Workout!)  I was introduced to Pilates at my local gym and was totally hooked. I continued to practice and study and in the mid ’90’s met Dallas based Physical Therapist, Karen Sanzo. Karen had incorporated Pilates into her PT practice for many years and I began to study with her gaining my Full Equipment and Mat Certification. During that time I also began to study yoga with teacher/trainer Karen Prior. My Pilates training sessions focus on the bodies I see in front of me and my years of experience and training allow me incorporate many different modalities into the class. If a Pilates exercise can’t give the student what we’re looking for - there’s always another way.

Vanessa Wade 

Yoga Instructor

After a near decade of delving into Iyengar, Purna, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Vanessa went through a comprehensive Vinyasa-based Yoga Teacher Training under the mentorship of Gerhard Gessner, E-RYT, founder of Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, California. Shortly thereafter, she continued her yogic education by completing Prana’s Restorative Teacher Training, led by Shauna MacKay, 500-RYT.

Vanessa's teaching style is mindful, gentle and alignment-based; emphasizing that poses vary from anatomy to anatomy. Her hope is that students will leave her class with a sense of calm, inner strength and renewed dedication to their own journey. Off the mat, Vanessa can be found at the beach, or, on a hike with her husband, planning their next camping adventure, or concocting something delicious in the kitchen.  

Helen Pelton

Feldenkrais Practitioner 

Helen Pelton is devoted to the exploration of human perception & expression through dance/movement studies, the healing arts, meditation, comparative religion & cross-cultural studies. Engaged in somatic education for over 30 years, she has taught the human sciences, movement studies, dance & creative process in universities, professional massage programs, international festivals and regional communities. Helen is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais(r) Practitioner (2010). A massage therapist for 18 years, she has extensive knowledge of the muscular-skeletal, cranialsacral and fascial systems. She sees private clients in her Port Townsend office.

Kaitlin Chester

Pilates & Barre Instructor

Kaitlin was introduced to Pilates through physical therapy after years of dance injuries. The principles of Pilates - efficiency, flow, balance, concentration, to name a few, have kept her body strong while reducing chronic pain. Her passion for Pilates and its principles grew into a desire to teach others this methodology. Kaitlin finds deep joy and purpose from exercise and movement. She hopes to pass that joy onto her students at the barre and on the mat.