All Points Pilates is a small, fully-equipped studio conveniently located in Port Hadlock, Washington. Offering private sessions using Pilates apparatus, Pilates Mat classes, Barre, Yoga, Dynamic Stretching, TRX and Gyrotonics in a quiet, clean environment.


TRX is here! These suspension straps are a fun way to build strength in shoulders, glutes, and legs, as well as working your balance. This workout requires you to use your core muscles the whole time, which means you’ll be gaining stability and power. We are offering three different 4 week sessions, pre-registration is required as space is very limited. Price is $65, WA sales tax included. Call studio to register.

New TRX classes to be announced soon

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Offering a variety of group exercise classes including Pilates Mat, Yoga, Barre, Resistance Stretching, and Feldenkrais

Benefits From Pilates Include:

  • Improved strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and endurance

  • Better abilities of concentration, body awareness, and focus

  • Efficiency of movement and correct muscle activation are achieved

  • Improved posture and alignment

  • Aids in improving the optimal function of the internal organs

  • Improved balance and proprioception

  • Physical and psychological benefits due to the focus on breathing

  • Relaxation and release of tension

  • Absence of lower back pain

Available Equipment

  • Reformer/Tower

  • Wunda Chair

  • Step Barrel

  • Ped-a-Pull

  • Ladder Barrel

  • Magic Circle

  • Pilates Arc

  • Manduka Yoga Mats & Straps

  • Therabands, small balls, foam rollers, and Toe Sox are all available for purchase at the studio for home use.