All Points Pilates, established in 2010, is a fully equipped 1000 square ft space, conveniently located in Port Hadlock, on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  Pilates Mat classes, Pilates private sessions using the Pilates apparatus, and Hatha Yoga are offered in a quiet, clean environment. 

Pilates is a form of exercise which fully engages the mind, while emphasizing balance, alignment, strength and flexibility of the body. By placing the emphasis on strengthening the core musculature (abdominal and back extensor muscles, pelvic floor), the trunk becomes stabilized, the spine can come into better alignment, and the body is able to move freely and efficiently. 

The principles of alignment, core strength and stability can be transferred to ‘real life’, and practiced while performing functional movements (getting in and out of the car, doing the dishes, tying your shoes), or while performing athletic activities. Pilates is also greatly beneficial for people who sit at a desk all day, new moms, seniors, golfers, equestrians, and dancers. People with lower back pain, arthritis, shoulder and neck pain, and people with bad knees or other joint ailments can all improve quality of life with regular practice of Pilates.