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Facial Exercise Workshop with Carolyn Cleaves

Facelift Through Exercise with Carolyn Cleaves

Saturday, October 13th

October 13th from 10:00am - 1:00pm

$130 per person (includes $67 kit)

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Just as you can firm up your body through exercising your muscles, you can also firm up your face and neck with facial exercises. Regain that vital, youthful-look you thought you’d never see again.

Just 15 Minutes a Day exercising your facial muscles will rid you of your:

* Deep forehead lines

* Crows feet around the eyes

* Bags, lines and dark circles under the eyes

* A “lumpy” nose

* The lines between the nose and outer corners of the lips

* Lines around the lips

* Sagging jowls

* Double chin

* Papery skin and lines on the neck, chest and under the eyes

You will see obvious improvement only after two weeks. In another three months, people usually start to tell you how good you look. Within six to nine months you are looking five to ten years younger.

This program is based on muscle resistance training that builds muscle fiber and creates lift as well as isometrics that tone the muscles. It really works!

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